Grinding Plate SCR-01 - Tradition and High-Tech

Grinding stones are water under the bridge!

Innovation! - We now have the Grinding Plate SRC - 01

In cooperation with an innovative diamond tool manufacturer, we developed this grinding plate.
Coated with a premium CBN-corn and fitted binding, the plate stands out for the following features:

  • The plate is significantly smaller than conventional grinding stones
  • It stands out for a simple contruction for the right mountings with central boring
  • Its lifetime is also a lot higher than the one of its competitors - the coventional grinding stones
  • The plate can be used up to 4 times with the correct mounting
  • Its surface pores won't be nearly as blocked as the ones of grinding stones
  • It is also available in a stainless variant for the food- and pharmaceutical-industrie

Why not try out the Grinding Plate SRC-01? You will be satisfied.