Precision and quality from tradition (9th May '17)

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Our successful business history dates back to 1886. Since our establishment, “von den Steinen” manufactures quality tools, and since 1918, primarily for the industrial separation- and processing technology. The long-standing tradition and accompanying know-how allow us to implement customer-specific tasks and requirements optimally and economically.
Thanks to their precision and high quality, our products are valued and requested worldwide. “von den Steinen” offers circular knives and tools for precise, fast, gentle on materials, and economical processing for various materials and applications.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and our aim is to offer you highest quality, innovative products, as well as comprehensive services. “von den Steinen” stands for optimal customer service from the very beginning on. We will guide you from individual consulting at the start of a project, over requirement-specific product development and problem solutions, up to tool and machine setup at your premises. Competent and individual advice as well as numerous service features ensure highest customer satisfaction.

Since 1992, we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the “Friedr. Dick GmbH & Co. KG” corporate group in Deizisau, Germany. Today, more than 40 employees work at our branch in Remscheid, Germany. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing processes are the reason for the worldwide success of our company and its products.

Our products

Circular knives and machine knives are indispensable for the individual processing of various materials and fabrics, as most mass goods can only be split, disassembled and cut economically with machines. The blades used in processes like this are stressed on a near-permanent basis, and have to have the highest possible lifetime in order to be economically efficient. Thus, the proper choice of blade shape and corresponding cutting edge, as well as premium material quality and processing are of utmost importance.
Against this background, we at “von den Steinen” use the exact structural shapes, materials and coatings dependent on our customers’ requirements, in order to guarantee the highest possible durability and longest usage of our blades.

The processing of food demands a cautious compliance with hygiene regulations.
The circular knives used there must live up to the highest demands of lifetime, durability and quality as well.
Therefore, we exclusively use stainless steel for products of the food industry.
Knives have to be low-wear and resistant to pitting corrosion even under persistent usage, frequent purification and extreme conditions
(e.g. processing of fish on fishing fleets).

We develop and manufacture our products with focus on this standards, as we are convinced that we will always be able to
improve our products and ourselves.

Resting on our oars? Not our philosophy.

That is why we have made huge efforts in research and development in 1996, with the objective to live up to the standards of the fishing industry.
We have gained massive knowledge regarding processing of stainless steel during this period of time. Products of the food industry are also rated
considerably high at “von den Steinen”. This is the reason we pay particular attention on the consistent quality of our knives in this value chain.

They are therefore suitable for usage under extreme conditions, e.g. in the field of deep-sea fishery. Even the constant contact with saline sea air and sea water will not affect our products at all. In order to meet and even surpass high quality standards like this with our knives and tools, we constantly develop our products further.
We take advantage of this accumulated knowledge in the production of our circular knives for cutting kebab, gyros and suchlike. As the slicers for kebab came onto the market, first of those got equipped with our knives right away. We have continuously monitored the progression of this industry and took part in a lot of new product developments.
We have addressed reduction in friction for kebab cutting as well as minimization of noise for gyros cutting with toothed circular knives. Moreover, a sharpening device for circular knives on slicers has been developed (DiaReno).