Motivated girls as guests at "von den Steinen"


On the Girls’Day, companies, plants and universities throughout Germany open their doors
for schoolgirls from 5th grade on. They get to know apprenticeships and university courses in IT, craftsmanship, natural science and technology, in which women used to be featured rather seldom.
They can also meet female role models in economy and politics.
Since the initial launch in 2001, about 1.7 million girls participated.In 2016, roughly 100.000 girls explored offerings in technology and natural science -
about 9.600 of those offerings were listed on the official website by companies and organizations.

“von den Steinen” participated in the initiative this year as well (again). Two motivated schoolgirls
got to know the operating cycles of the company within the scope of this years’ Girls’ Day.
They gained an insight in the production and the administrative ambit, as well as an overview of the manifold activities and processes.Both of them were interested and not afraid to ask a lot of questions.With some simple activities, they were also able to showcase that women power is of advantage in the metalworking industry, too.Finishing the day, the young women were allowed to laser mark their very own breakfast knife from our parent company F. DICK with the corresponding company logos and their own names.